It’s “Christmas” ‘Cause the Wreath is Up at the RedBarn


Yes, the wreath is up.  If I sit still long enough, close my eyes and listen to my heart beat, I can recall the childhood feeling within my soul that I know as the beginning of the Christmas season. As a child, the season came alive for me with school concerts and parties,  practicing for the Sunday School program, and the sight of decorations hanging from the lampposts  in each little town.  I often wondered why Jesus agreed to share His birthday with Santa.  That made so much important stuff happening all at once, in a little head.  Times have changed, but not the part about Jesus and Santa competing for our Christmas heart-strings.

Speaking of holiday season changes, I haven’t found much good to say about the huge Black Friday phenomena. I read an article where someone called Black Friday a new “holy ritual”.  Huh?  Red, darn it, my favorite color is RED!!  Christmas red, Cardinal red, Barn red, Apple red. . . . .  Sigh! I do get the idea of “in the black” and have nothing against retail operations trying to figure out how to make that happen.  Something postitive about Black Friday? With all of that shopping done already, there will be more time for us to share in the love, the joy and the reason for the season.

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