RedBarn Owl at Twilight

   I’ve always felt a special energy around the moment when day turns to night.  Twilight could easily go unnoticed as the work day is ending for some, others thinking about what to feed the kids or the evening tasks that await them.  On this day I am beckoned by that twilight energy to step outside and spend the waning daylight moments alone in the outdoor air.  All is still and I realize the cool of late November through my sweater.  My knowing steps head South, down behind the RedBarn, to catch the very last glimpse of sunset color.

There he was, my very own RedBarn owl!  Showing me his wise old self, in silhouette form, among the stark Black Walnut limbs. We shared a  few minutes of time, in the rhythmic state we both call life. It occurred to me that as we stood, or perched, in those twilight moments , we each had our own perspective.  I was closing the day.  My nocturnal visitor was  welcoming the night.   One more experience to be thankful for; the thrill of a wildlife sighting on the Minnesota prairie. . .at twilight.