What IS a Foodie?

The “foodie” word can really cause a stir in some conversations.  Personally, I like it and only attach it, when speaking about special people, as a compliment.  After all, who wants to be called a “gastronome”?  In general, a “foodie” enjoys everything there is to know about  ingredients, preparation, the health and business aspects of food.  I felt like a “foodie” in late summer when I was plucking fresh produce from my own little garden down behind the RedBarn.  A proud summer moment had me chopping  Roma tomatoes and  white onions to create a  huge bowl of fresh salsa.   Peppers and  cilantro came straight from the Farmer’s Market.   I felt joy in growing  fresh ingredients and throughout  every moment of preparation.  Health aspects and the task of eating seemed. . . over the moon.  The business end of it?  Exquisite food for pennies!!

Last week I attended a beautifully orchestrated event,hosted by a group of smiling “foodies”, in the nearby small town of Clinton.  Items to savor were produced within the  local region; wines,  mushroom sausage,cheeses, pumpkin tarts, red pepper soup, breads and apples.   Thy lucky peasant ’twas eating like thee  honored queen!

Two of my good, and kind of famous, friends are seen here sampling the wine.  Representing the University of Minnesota in the field of regional sustainability is Kathy Draeger.  Artist, Douglas Holtquist, spent a number of years in Italy and knows his food and wine, you might say.  They are both beautiful people and I am happy to introduce them to you!




2 thoughts on “What IS a Foodie?

  1. Becky,

    What a fun evening and what a great photo. And I’m raising a glass of local wine (Fieldstone Winery’s Prairie Stone) to you right this moment. To Becky! To the Red Barn! To good friends and good people on the prairie! Click. Sip.


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