Beauty Queen

Here she is; Miss Beauty Queen Baby!  She wanted a turn to hold the big candy cane while she stirred up a little Christmas spirit.

I took a photography class a few years ago and enjoyed getting to know some local people who. . . .I never knew before.  Funny how that works when you sign on for things.  The last night we each shared some of our photo work and enjoyed(or endured) the comments of other class members.  A wonderful gentleman by the name of Richard, who loves to take telescopic shots of the full moon, talked about his feelings on retouching photos of children.  He said, ” If you don’t see a little dirt on the face it’s not a real photo.”  Thank you, Richard!  I have enjoyed the permission you gave me to capture every little crusty nose, bit of dried food on a face or stained baby shirt that I want to.

Little Miss Beauty Queen is the very youngest member of the RedBarn clan.  She is gorgeous, smart, strong; all that and only one year old.  Look out world, she is on the move!  What do you think, Richard? Real enough?  I promise, everything is real, even those heart-stealing baby blue eyes.


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