Looking a Little Crabby With My Feathers Ruffled

This is a photo of me, looking crabby, after Christmas shopping last night. . . .in the mall.  What was I so crabby about?  So nice of you to ask!

Have you noticed that nearly every item on our “capitalist” shelves is discounted this season from 40-75 percent?  Now really, why do they mark it up so high just to mark it back down into the reasonable price range?  If I am buying a sweater for $39 you will not convince me that it was ever intended to be sold at the $119 price printed on the tag.  Crabby!

My great son, who I begged to go shopping with me, decided to purchase “The Best of 75 Years of Life” hardcover book for his dad.  That was thoughtful, except he called me when I was at the far end of the mall and needed me to hustle down to his end.  The store was closing, he didn’t have quite enough money left and was requesting to put it on my charge card.  Brisk walk, card slide, still catching my breath, hastily ushered out of store as if we had just held up some very important people.  I’m tired and. . . crabby!

The great son?  He decides he is really hungry and asks if I want to join him for something to eat at the food court.  Let’s just say the answer was “no”.  He heads to buy pizza and I take the package that is holding the book.  They should have called it the “Two Foot Long, Best 100 Pounds of Life”.  Crabby!

One more stop. . . .I’m feeling a little delirious and the nerve function in four of my left hand fingers has completely failed due to the heavy book.  At the cosmetic counter I asked one of the three clerks, who were huddled with their backs to any possible customer interruption, if they had any lotion that was chemical free or lightly scented.  That wasn’t even a smart thing to do.  Crabby!

If I thought anyone cared, I would write a note to corporate retail giants and say,”Please, just for the holiday season, don’t make your clerks ask me if I want to save 5,10,20 or a million percent by opening one of your store charge accounts. . . so you can get into my wallet again down the road!”  In fact, I ‘d like to suggest that you have them say to me, “Thank you for pulling your Christmas cash out tonight and spending it in our store and helping to make sure that I have a job and get a salary to continue to live in America and further more the company executives  want to thank you so much for making sure that the corporate profits rise a little more this week.”  Crabby!

It is my own fault that I didn’t start shopping until after  8:00 p.m and was leaving  the mall at 11:00 p.m.  Not hard to find the car when yours is one of only three left in the  parking lot!  Fresh air!  No snowbanks to climb over! The welcome feel of the seat in my ‘grandma tan minivan.’ Good thoughts trying to break in about the pleasure of having my 6’4″ college-kid- baby in the seat right next to me.  Fingers moving again.   Getting a little less so. . . but still. . .crabby!

I am back home at the RedBarn and my blood pressure feels(I know, they say you can’t go by feel-they’re wrong) like it has lowered into the normal range again.  Home Sweet Home! I didn’t have that many things to buy last night; bought some fun presents right here in my own community over the past couple of weeks. Let’s just all remind me that I am not the person who should go to the mall shopping,especially when I am tired. Getting the gifts wrapped and preparing food for the holiday weekend is sounding like way more fun.  Really! Recalling that the kids don’t  care so much about what I buy for them as much as they just like being home and together, is calming. Listening to the horses outside in the dark. . . bumping around on their feed bunk,  Christmas music playing in the kitchen. . .something about Mary and her baby boy.  There is the sleep factor.  A good night’s sleep is going to make  everything better.         Not crabby anymore! 

 If you see the crabby Blue Jay tell him I’m sorry about the impersonation, ok?

Merry Christmas Week,

Becky RedBarn


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