Canadian Honkers

These beauties are the “stars of the show” in the outdoor theater taking place at the RedBarn.  Some days you see a few, flying low, shifting down to land in neighbor Vern’s field for a feast of left over corn and beans.  Other days you can see and hear a flock of hundred’s; honking and flapping in  V formation. They look so proud and determined.  I’ve heard that geese mate for life.  When I see a lone goose flying, my eyes linger a little  and I’ve been known to beam up a prayer of encouragement.

Here’s a little story that I carry in my heart. As a child, maybe 9 or 10 years old, I had walked down into our pasture, which over looked a small body of water, to get the milk cows started home for evening milking.  It was such a lovely, warm  late fall afternoon.  I sat down in the prairie grass, against a big granite boulder, and was busy with some serious daydreaming.  It was startling and surreal when a pair of large “Honkers” dropped from the sky and skimmed the land no more than three feet above me.  The sight, the sound of their wings, the feel of the air pushing toward me, was branded in my soul.   A defining moment for me; life in the outdoors, with its ability to charm and startle man(in this case young girl).   The key is to be out there often, since you never know when the moments are coming.

Never a day goes by without something to marvel at, in God’s outdoor creation, here at the Redbarn. . . . and all over the earth, as well.

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