Candy Cane Worth Waiting For

Tis’ the season! Last year, at a New Year’s Eve party, the famous RedBarn Santa Grandpa won this huge candy cane.  He promised his four little elves that they could share it with him come December.  Now, when you are 5, 5, 5 or 7 years old, waiting all year for next Christmas to roll around must seem like a long time.

After the giggling, jumping and hugging, due to RedBarn Santa Grandpa’s announcement that the ” cane cracking moment” had arrived, the little-girl-elves gathered up for a photo of their own design.  Never wanting to miss a teachable moment, we took a  minute to discuss the confidence it takes to show and live your fun side.  Do they still call that “learning to laugh at yourself”?  With plenty of  season left for all of the really important lessons, today we are sticking our tongues out proudly, laughing as loud as we please and loving the cracking and crunching that we have waited for. . . . all year!



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