Handmade Candy by Carol, ‘Birdfeeder’, Twin Brooks, SD

If you don’t know Carol. . . .well, try to get to know her!  She is one of the people you want on your list of “get to knows”.  Last night I ate dinner at Carol’s little restaurant, called the Birdfeeder, across the state line a few miles into South Dakota.  I believe it may be a one-of-a-kind experience.  Carol needs to know if you are coming since she goes out of her way to make sure everything is beautiful, tasty and special for her dinner guests.  She has so much wonderful food.  Let’s see if I can remember some of the things I ate: fresh micro green salad with black berries and a tasty vinaigrette, soft homemade bread with a bit of cranberry and walnut kneaded in, a shredded carrot soup with tones of ginger(my favorite item of the evening),Pecan Crusted Chicken with a lovely rice blend, fresh apple slices with  pomegranate whipped cream to accompany.  Since portions are generous, and it is more food than one usually eats in the evening, Carol allows you to pack your three dessert samples into a little box for take-home.  I did eat the Turtle Cheesecake Brownie later in the evening.  Since I was home alone there was no one to talk some sense into me!

It didn’t end there.  After my exquisite meal, a little more visiting and another cup of coffee, I was able to shop among the lovely holiday selections in Carol’s boutique.  I am trying to “buy American” this season so I was excited to choose a gift box of Carol’s own handmade candies.  How could I possibly resist. . .White Cranberry Pecan Fudge, Creamy Caramel or Chocolate Walnut Fudge?  In the heat of the shopping moment and the allure of holiday beauty I picked up a package of napkins that came from Germany.  Oh well, one of the country’s of my heritage and they are the most stunning RED(my color, ya know) with green and metallic gold trim. I did not see any lutefisk or herring or I could have honored the other half of my ancestry also.  Darn!

Carol loves what she does in her little house in Twin Brooks, SD.  This girl from the RedBarn loves what she does too!  Have you been there yet?


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  1. Thanks for the reminder on where I can get Christmas treats!! The treats in the photo look wonderful – but I am amazed with every photo you post. Your site gives me such a happy comfortable sense – something we all need a few minutes of each day!

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