Christmas Cards

Hurray!! We are getting some cards and letters and family photos in the mail here at the RedBarn.    It’s the one time of  year when nothing less will do(no phone calls or emails to replace my glittery card, please).  Yes, the season gets busy.  Busy with what? I find the talk about being busy makes me feel. . . .busy.  Taking the time to write a real hand-written note to an old friend is one of the most calming holiday activities.

Yesterday I received a card from a lovely older lady,Renetta, who used to drive me to church when I was a child on the farm. I can see the inside of her safe, warm car just like it was yesterday.  Today I opened a letter from my  friend Mary, who cared for my daughter 33 years ago, no charge, when I was in college(she also did the laundry and put supper on while she was there). We don’t see each other even once some years but we still care and want each other to know that.  I’m smiling at the picture card of my brave friend Elaine, husband passed, with her children and grandchildren.  She’s never missed a graduation party, a bridal or baby shower that has been held in my family ; one rock solid friend to have in your corner.  Every envelope holds a special story.  Each card fills my heart with visions from the past.  I feel a sense of knowing how very important it is to value my personal relationships with the people who have helped me along the way.

My plans are to send some handmade cards using the photo of the front porch “gathering spot”.  The gray chair was a hand-me-down gift from our long gone friend, Ray.  The little blue skis were my childhood gift from Santa one year.  The fall squash are too big to bake and froze so heavy that they must simply stay put until spring.  A little sled, a hand-made wreath and some bright red  ornaments, clinging onto a grapevine secured in the top of Great Grandpa’s old whiskey jug, round out the scene.   One magical winter night the north wind blew in a dusting of white and gave me the perfect Christmas card image.  I hope it sparks a  memory of some good times we’ve had together when my cards and notes are opened on the other end.

The season does get busy; busy-good with love and the warmth of tradition when the Christmas cards go whizzing through the mail.

Merry Christmas,





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