Farming at the RedBarn

For all of the joy that comes my way by growing my little garden, I must remind myself that there is some work involved.  Here we are, digging carrots, at the very end of November. Getting outside and even doing a little manual labor serves a person well, young or “older”.   Sharing the task with my helpful son-in-law and willing granddaughters made this moment feel. . . .not like work.

One of the little girls had forgotten her gloves and you will notice that Grandma only has one on.  I said, “Ok, Honey, so you say your hands are kinda’ cold. Did you know that for kinda’ cold hands, on a kinda’ cold day, you only need one glove? Here’s one of Grandma’s.  If you ever lose one of your own, save the one you have left to use on the kinda’ cold days like this, ok?  Switch hands now and then.”

Doing a little farming feels great.  Yet, Grandma’s favorite job is helping my babies learn all of the kinda’ important things about gardening and life and love. . . .  in one sweet moment!


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