Grandma’s Apple Pie

Apple Pie!  What could be more down home and comforting than apple pie?  And the way it makes the house smell. . . .mmmmm.  We had some nice apples on the Fireside tree this year.  With a long fall they were able to stay on the tree until sweet and big.  It’s amazing how much apples will grow in size from beginning to end of October when left on the tree. There are 4 wooden boxes full of nice apples, stored in the RedBarn, awaiting their baking destiny.

We girls in the kitchen do love our cookbooks!  So many of mine have been gifts from dear friends.  I feel their presence each time I open the book.   An old friend, long passed on, came into the office of our business one day many years ago and said, “I’m cleaning some things out.  Do you want this old cookbook?” People in small towns do things like that, when they think they know you well enough.  He knew I liked “vintage” items and I hope he knew how much I simply liked him.  Turns out, the Searchlight Recipe Collection has been quite a gift for me.  It’s where I got those couple of tips that turn a good apple pie into a very good apple pie. I have a recent copy; it was updated in 1949. In those years test kitchens were few and efforts were made to use ingredients that folks had readily available to them. If you had apples all you needed to round-up was a little shortening, sugar, flour, cinnamon and a pat of butter and  you had yourself a pie.

My hubby cut himself a piece of pie this morning for breakfast, before I had a chance to get the photo taken.  He thinks,” it looks better this way anyhow” and he also thinks he’s pretty funny.  Baking for someone you love, who loves what you bake. . . . the comforts of home and apple pie.

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