“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Indeed, a great day spent here at the RedBarn with our family!  We are heading outside to enjoy the daylight hours , do some laughing, walk off the rice custard and , as always, look for treasures of nature as we walk.  “Merry Christmas” to each of YOU. . . .who are my wonderful followers and friends!

Many of us have that “what can I make next” area in our creative brain!  I’d like to share with you one of my home-made decorations that has received many comments this year. The Merry Christmas banner is splashy and still. . . .it’s easy to make!  A little crazy, I know, yet some of us are already planning the things we would like to make to decorate for the special holiday season next year. . . .aren’t we?

  • Materials you will need:  Five feet of 1″ rope tinsel, white cardstock and white paper, 14 tiny eyelets and your eyelet setter, small size paper punch, black stamp pad, glue-stick and 8 ‘ of thin jute string.
  • Open up your ‘Word’ and use a nice, large size, old-master style of font to type and print your Merry Christmas letters onto regular white paper(or design them by hand for you over-achievers).  My letter cut-outs are around 3″ x 3 1/4 “.  Wide letters like “M” need a little bigger size piece.  Cut them out and run a black stamp pad around the edges for a bit of drama.  Tear larger pieces(14 if you have not yet counted) using your ruler as a straight edge, from the cardstock. The card stock pieces are roughly sized at 3 1/2″ x 4″.   Glue paper to cardstock backing with a glue stick.
  • I punched a hole with my “small” size paper punch and set a green metal eyelet on each letter tag.  I think, with this added touch, my hanging greeting will last for many years!
  • Cut the jute twine into 6″ pieces, thread a piece through the eyelet and tie onto your rope tinsel.  You may add a short string to each end of the tinsel depending on where you plan to hang it.
  • Spread the letters out however you think they look best.  I asked my oldest grandaughter, 7 years, to choose where we should hang it and she decided we should drape it across the beautiful wreath(with wild Turkey feathers tucked in) that my friend Lisa designed for one wall over our buffet.   I am still smiling about that! This was the place I would have chosen too and we have plenty of choices in this big house.  Sync!!
  • Consider this as a starter idea, then ‘go nuts’ to make it your own.  Would be fun to hang outside. . .above the door!  Lots of time until next Christmas to get ‘er done!

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