Such a simple little word. . .joy.  Yet, it’s what we are all seeking to find, buy, give, experience. . . .

I chatted with a young mom today, as I was doing a little shopping.  She was cheerfully purchasing two little snow sleds for her children.  Guess what her name is?  You’re right, Joy!    Since we are entering  Christmas week  in a “brown” sort of way, I would understand if you had guessed “Hope”.

I thought about Joy as I was driving home.  What a nice name to have and what a nice thing to do for her children.  When it does snow, she knows they will be eager to play outside and find a little hill to claim as their sliding terrain.  I’m warmed to know that kids still get excited about the snow and the freedom of playing in it.  Sounds like JOY, to me!

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2 thoughts on “Joy

  1. I miss those simple days of sledding. If it ever snows enough around here that would be a great way to spend the day with the kids – and great exercise! Followed by hot chocolate with marshmallows…mmmm!!

  2. No sledding on this holiday. Lots of other good things! Hope Santa was good to you! He left a stunning pottery piece under my tree! Of course, Santa had bought it in the RedBarn during Meander from our potter friend, Mark Mustful. Quite crafty keeping it hid away until Christmas morning!
    God Bless Mark,Deb and Ian.

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