Little Mr. North Dakota

Ring around the rosies,a pocket full of posies; Ashes!  Ashes!  We all fall down.”

We had a special visitor at the RedBarn and we dubbed him, “Little Mr. North Dakota.” Our ‘Baby Ben’ represents his state very well by sporting his University of North Dakota jacket. Ok, Grandma is a UND alumni!   Yes, I  admit, I’m the one who thinks it is REALLY CUTE!

I could go on and on about; how Elmo(Melmo) is his favorite character, his sneaky smile when asked about his little girlfriend, Taylor, how much fun he has running down the driveway and practicing his horsey sounds at the same time.  Or, I could tell you what sweet little kisses he gives, what wonderful parents (both UND grads) he has or how he never refuses food. . .of any kind.    But, I better not!

We have collegiate diversity going on among this RedBarn family.  If you  “others”are real good for Santa, maybe I can find a shot of you Concordia Cobbers, Minnesota State Moorhead grads or even you ‘purple lovers’ from Mankato.

How did a faithful Minnesotan like myself get to the University of North Dakota?  It was love!  Guess it was the right move since I still do love the guy (and North Dakota). Better yet, Little Mr. North Dakota is really crazy about him.  Having LMND here gave the guy and me both a smile from ear to ear!



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