Pine Cone

Here at the RedBarn, in Minnesota, it is cool, sunny and. . .no snow on the ground.  Walking around outside, one can still find beauty in the land, the trees, animals and elements of nature.  Simply getting outside seems to help me hear that little soul voice who always knows what the real me loves.  You could have me sleep on pine cone print sheets(always wanted some but have never let loose to buy any). You could feed me on dinnerware with pine cones decorating the edges or make me a sofa pillow with pine cones needle punched in wool.  I could vacation in a cabin-in- the-woods, surrounded by pine trees, and hunt for baskets of pine cones. . .you get the picture.  I have a beautiful little black walnut bowl(someone’s high school shop project) that I store my outdoor treasures in.  Right now it is full of acorns, a lovely old found key and. . . . pine cones.  The real me, the RedBarn girl who wanders outside, the one who readily hears the little soul voice. . . .really does love pine cones.

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4 thoughts on “Pine Cone

  1. I like close-up pictures like this beautiful one you took. I too love pine trees in general. That’s why I planted a lot of pine trees in our yard years ago. The morning walk out to get the news paper passes a fragrant scotch pine. What a vitalizing smell to get one going in the dawn of day. The most memorable sleep I have experienced was on a camp out, in a sleeping bag, on a deep and surprisingly soft bed of fallen pine needles. Yes, one can smell while asleep, and it influences ones dreams too. My Uncle showed me how to scratch & sniff this pine trees bark. Cinnamon, how strange. He’s a tree hugger too.

    1. Thank you,Harold! As much as I love nature, I was thinking about your comment about smell influencing sleep. I love going to sleep on a clean pillow case and always think I sleep better. That doesn’t mean that I change them every day-too many other fun things to think about.

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