RedBarn Confessions

I have a terribly big crush on my neighbor down the road!  This morning when I drove by he was outside, close to the road, and he was looking RIGHT AT ME!! Isn’t he a hunk?  I was  a little nervous about taking his picture while he stared at me, so I can only give you the same fuzzy look that I got.  Isn’t he gorgeous with all of that wooly. . . .ah, wool?

Governor Dayton was down in Faribault, Minnesota a few months back, to help celebrate the reopening of Faribault Woolen Mills.  That’s exciting! A Minnesota classic is back in business with the looms running to make quality woolen products. I’d love a wool blanket for Christmas if you run into Santa! Suppose my crush could sell his wool to them if he decides he needs a trim. Maybe in the Spring!

If you see me driving slow on the curvy lake road between my house and Java Jules Coffee House  you will know why. . .sneaking a peek at my wooly neighbor.



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