RedBarn, Red Roses, Red. . .

RedBarn, red roses, red ribbons, red coats, red crayons, red sky, red paper, red berries, red wagon, red rooster comb.   I could go on.  Let me know if you have any favorite items that look best in red, ok? For me, red is a neutral; it goes with anything!  With a little help from Valentine’s Day and the Christmas holidays(and the RedBarn standing big and bold right out of my front door) I can’t foresee Red ever losing it’s place in line.

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2 thoughts on “RedBarn, Red Roses, Red. . .

    1. Wonderful to hear from you on the first day of the New Year, Julie! Yes, I think of YOU when red comes to mind! May I wash dishes at the coffee house to earn the beautiful red tea kettle you have for sale since I didn’t get it from Santa?

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