Brilliant Bluejay

What a quiet day at the RedBarn for everyone, except the winter birds.  They have gone through a cold spell and today they celebrated with a balmy +24 degrees  F.   Filling their tummies at the feeder, were the perky Black-Capped Chickadees, a pair of Downy Woodpeckers and 16 darting Yellow Finch.  One Nuthatch bounced down the bark of the nearby Maple and dove in and out for a few seeds.   Brilliant Mr. Bluejay stopped by for a visit.  The bluejay has such personality and a little ‘attitude’.  The look I’m getting from this fellow, who took his own private nosedive in the snow, is open to interpretation.  What do you think he is telling me?   Oh, really?

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2 thoughts on “Brilliant Bluejay

  1. Bluejays are one of the biggest, most obnoxious, and domineering of our bird feeder visitors. Oh, did I mention their loud annoying call? I put them in the same category as ravens, too bad they are so pretty.

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