Coffee is a Staple at the RedBarn

No matter the topic, these days there are volumes written on the pros and cons of it.  I suppose my coffee drinking could be looked at in that manner.  Let’s not do that!  Don’t go there!  It won’t be pretty!  Are you convinced by now that the best thing to do when talking about the need for coffee at the RedBarn is to smile and nod?  A package of good coffee beans is on the top of the “to love” list, that I keep in my head, when stocking our pantry.

One of my friends, Julie Anderson, owns a beautiful coffee-house six miles from the RedBarn.   The photo I am sharing today is a bowl of robust Alakef Hazelnut(roasted in the fair and far north city of Duluth)  from  Java Jules Coffee House and Bistro.   It’s one of the pleasures of life;having a nice coffee-house in your neighborhood.     Many of you may live where you can run right out to Starbucks or Caribou.   In our beautiful rural Minnesota area, we run out to “Julie’s” and are so happy that she is there for us!  She has good taste in food, starting with her Mediterranean Panini and continuing on with her wicked Pecan bars(my favorite). The fancy lettered chalk board is full with 20 different and delicious drinks you can order to fill your cup!  During my last trip to town I found myself  sipping a beautiful latte, in a big round white cup, with a floating heart formed atop in the steamed milk foam.  How cool is that?  Latte art!    People  from out-of-town often slow down as they give a friendly gawk at the Java Jules signage, wondering if their eyes have deceived them.  Could it be?  A real coffee-house in far(the farthest) western Minnesota?  Better ’round the block and take a look.  Today Julie served up lasagna for lunch.  I’ve had it and I can tell you folks, it’s worth hitting the brakes for!

It gets better!  In the name of art and community, Julie shares her walls.  I have the job of being the Exhibit Coordinator, representing the Big Stone Arts Council, for art at the coffee shop.  Next Monday we open a new exhibition entitled,”Coffee”.  Well, isn’t that a novel idea?  For two years we have thought hard for creative theme ideas and one day my friend Liz said, “Hey, Becky.  I have an idea, if you ever need one, for an art round at Java Jules.  How about, ‘Coffee’?”

Yes, dear Liz, you’re a good thinker!  The new art pieces have started to arrive and I am in awe!   I’ve heard we will get to sample an exquisite Ethiopian blend on Monday evening!  I plan to buy  some beans for grinding and brewing at RedBarn coffee time.   Coffee and Java Jules. . . .two of the pleasures of life!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee is a Staple at the RedBarn

    1. Vicki, I was thinking. How does Julie think she is going to be able to go back to “regular” coffee(which is usually good)after letting us try all of those amazing blends she has in stock now? Thanks for checking in on me and for all of the other great things you do to help us “wanna be” techies!!!

  1. Love the new exhibit, you always have such good ideas! Thanks to Liz too for her COFFEE idea, love the piece she created, as always. So nice to have so many talented Artist’s in our little Community. We are all truly lucky to live here.

    1. Hi, beautiful boss lady! I agree, we are lucky and the art keeps getting better and better. Please mark Liz’s piece “sold” as that happened last night at the opening. Is anyone else as excited about the new coffee beans you have at the coffee house as I am? Hope so!

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