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So you are in the mood for ‘a little bit country’ and your word-of-the-day is ‘vintage’ ?  You’re thinking like I have been thinking; out here at the RedBarn.  White can be so beautiful and a dusting of snow will create a little scene nearly everywhere you look.  My daughter said to me, “Mom, were you going for the ‘Norman Rockwell look’, with the things you set out on the picnic table?”  Actually dear, I had gathered some red “ditch sticks” to fill a few old pails, got interrupted with the duties of the holidays, and there the items still are sitting. . . .three weeks later!  Sigh.  I agree, it does create a pretty little scene.  The old cream can,by the front door of our home, is filled with pine boughs and the lovely red branches.   One part of the ‘RedBarn Decor ala Naturale’ somehow reached completion.   I’m sure Mr. Rockwell would have finished his plan and had the extra pails and the clipper put away by now.

Old pails and tubs are a good starting base for outdoor designs in the country. . . .anytime.   Clip a few pine branches,  twine a vine or two, add some dried stems from the flower gardens and fall in love with your winter bouquet!   Put a large rock in the bottom of your container if you want some help in resisting the winter wind.

Some cut out red, glittery hearts would be fantastic. . . .tucked here and there(on the branches in the cream can) for upcoming Valentine’s Day.  Think I’ll get it done?

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