Folks Who Love Horses

There are many people who own, or dream about owning, a horse.  At the RedBarn, the herd has been reduced down to only two pretty heads staring over the wooden fence.   Horses are big animals, eat plenty of hay, have personalities and minds of their own and need care every day.  It is a committment.

We have an ugly little Appaloosa, Missy, who is the sweetest horse on earth.  Then we have beautiful, solid black Annie, her daughter, who is a little more spunky, yet very nice, as horses go.   Both are very dear pets who add a certain sort of peace to one’s life.  After a few minutes spent with them, any troubles seem smaller and you find yourself smiling more.    You might have to be a real horse lover to totally understand.




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  1. Dear Vicki, I can help out with that; fence needs fixing, both horses have burrs that need to be combed out of their mane, and the water tank needs to be filled. . .come on out!

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