Impressionist Flora

I am a photographer.  Some days I work to develop a shot I can be happy with, in the great out-of-doors surrounding the RedBarn location where I call home.  And then, some days I get lucky and literally walk right into a photo that I come to love, without that sense of work.  Red is the color of love and do I “love it” when an item of red pops out from the brown of winter scenery.

The beautiful miniature apples are hanging heavy on a wild tree growing  along Minnesota State Hwy #7  a few miles north of Ortonville.  This is a scenic drive along the Upper Minnesota River area and is full of scenic surprises both in flora and fauna.  The photographer gets to set his/her own rules about what is right and worthy of sharing.  Who says so?  Well, my photographer friends and I do, of course!

Peeking through the little apples, and viewing the scene beyond, reminded me of paintings I have enjoyed from artists creating in the 19th century Impressionist style.  That little project of the era began to take shape in France and I am, well, not French, but do love the influence that French art has on us creatives.   It encourages us to express our own perception of nature and the elements of nature’s design.  The red color, loose and generous  design of branches with apples and the lovely blue of the sky came together to grace my eye.   A colorful scene, that one would not notice with hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. There are  stops, along the ‘lakeroad’, where a car can pull off to park, giving you a few moments on foot.   One of those stops provided me with this scene; I could walk up, decide on my Sony settings, and take a piece of it for my very own.  What a lovely January day at the RedBarn and along the lakeroad on my way home!


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5 thoughts on “Impressionist Flora

  1. I LOVE this picture…and more so the fact that you are blogging today. Thank you my courageous sweet friend.

    1. Friends,nature and the beauty of both in my life. What a happy thought, Liz! The awesome little “apple berries” are real close to John and Lila’s driveway.

  2. We used to have a whole hedge row of Sumac which glowed scarlet red in the winter time and how fittingly the scarlet red Cardinals loved swaying on the sumac fronds and eating the red buds. With a snow covered ground,de-leafed naked bushes and spicks of wild grass tuffs protruding in the background, made for a very memorable picture here in Illinois too. I’m very allergic to poison ivy and sprayed the area so I could occasionally mow the area and accidentally killed the sumac in the process. BooHoo.

    1. It’s so nice to hear from you, Harold! I can tell that you love the beauty of the outdoors. Wish I could figure out how to invite a Cardinal into my yard. They are around this area-not nearly as much as in Illinois though, I’m sure.

      1. I was amazed when my “Audubon member” cousin from Washington state visited and squealed when a cardinal flew into our feeder.She said there are NO cardinals at all on their neck of the east coast!But their hummingbirds (which were also present here at the time)are much bigger than ours….. I had one up on her though. I showed her my retrieved hummingbird nest! What a work of God.

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