Old Farm House

A simple little worn out farm-house speaks to us of our connections to the past.  Time has marched on, as it does, and there are not very many of these farm dwellings  standing among the fields and tree claims as once there were.  Here at the RedBarn, we  get a little sentimental about old buildings in the neighborhood that must at last come down.   It’s happening all across the midwest.

The early movement “west” settled our great countryside and we long to thank our forefathers for their courage and hard work.  We would preserve and restore every last home and barn, if we could.  We can’t.  Yet, we can honor the memory and welcome new neighbors to come into our midst; out here in the peace and beauty of rural America!

I have often said, “I am so thankful to the folks who chose our RedBarn spot to settle in 1924……. high and dry with a short driveway.”


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