Old Farm Machinery

There is much talk, among the introspective folks who visit at the RedBarn, about acknowledging and knowing your ‘inner child’.  Mine is an active little person and she doesn’t sit still when she gets excited.   When I spied this old planter, sitting dutifully at the edge of a neighbor’s woods, she started to wiggle and poke me.  Someone’s idea of adding a little dignity had been to prop the old machine up with a worn out baseball bat. That was thoughtful and gave us a smile.

We had a little conversation; the beautiful rusty creature, Miss Inner Child and I.   Talk of days gone by, the lovely green moss the machine had growing, and MIC wondered who had been the last person to hit a home run with the bat.     Each said to the other,  “Nice winter day, and nice t’ meet ya’ out here on the Minnesota prairie.”



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2 thoughts on “Old Farm Machinery

  1. I love old farm machinery too. I personally collect pictures of rusty old trucks. On a visit to Missouri we came upon a resting place of a variety of old retired trucks lined up along a farmers old fence line, which included an old firetruck. I mused about how exiting its life must have been, how many brush and barn fires it put out, how proud it was to save the life of that farmers prize house. I day dream abit.

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