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Heading towards midway of January, the creative month.  In keeping my word, I’d like to show you the photo collage I put together to contribute to the ‘Coffee’ art exhibition at Java Jules Coffee House and Bistro in Ortonville, Minnesota.  What’s a local folk to think when they see this busy rec “tangle” of images taken within and, upon closer inspection,  find themself among the crowd?  Surely, I’ll find out!

People are the most interesting subjects for me to practice my photography on.  Catching the bits of conversation, the telling coats and scarves of a winter day, a local author at his first book signing, friends stopping by from France.  That is joy in action for this RedBarn lady; a study in the unposed side of life.

In my card making work, I often enjoy adding a tag with a bit of hand-written verse or a special embellishment that fits the theme.   You can imagine how much fun I had designing the tag that show cases Julie, the bustling coffee shop owner.  The little verse  popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. [As morning breaks, my first clear thot-is gotta start the coffee pot]  Thoughts that linger must get written down and used  on a tag.  She is very good at avoiding the camera but. . . .I got her!  Do you ever have those days when you think you are so funny that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks?  I’ve been having them lately.  A party of one. . .out here at the RedBarn.


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    1. Randy and I LOVED that day with you and Dene(sp?) We are also thrilled with the invitation to visit you in Montreal. Country living is wonderful but a few days with you, in the gorgeous city. . . .would be good for us!!

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