RedBarn ‘Ladies’ Step Up

Fresh eggs are one of the best foods in the world!  My faithful RedBarn hens have been doing their best, which means SIX eggs each day.   With help from ‘the ladies’, I can throw a tasty Quiche together in minutes and follow up with a plate of food to delight the constantly reappearing hungry faces.

A few years ago some friends and I held a woman’s artist retreat and served Quiche for brunch.  Yes, everything tastes better when someone else is doing the cooking.   Along with the company of beautifully creative woman, the Quiche was especially good that day.   I’ve written that recipe in my head and used it often.  The ingredients are; eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, parsley, chopped onion, coarsely ground pepper and cottage cheese(sometimes a chopped, left over baked potato)  You don’t notice the cottage cheese, yet that is what keeps the dish so moist and tender.  A little secret; Quiche is even better warmed up the next day, as the bacon flavor gets another chance to permeate.

Today I was using a dish of bacon crumbles left from another recipe.  Ideally, one would have enough to sprinkle a little on the top and share the visual joy of bacon.  We don’t have bacon very often at the RedBarn table so it feels like a celebration!

A good, nutritious, high protein, gift from the ladies, to get us going in the morning. . . .and keep us away from the naughty foods.  Good luck with that part, friends!


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