The Full Moon

Something we can all share.  The old fellow, the man in the moon,  is my friend tonight at the RedBarn.  Someone on the street in Minneapolis, Duluth, Mankato, Hibbing, Warroad, Lanesboro, Fisher, Faribault  or someone walking down a little dirt road on a hill near Odessa. . . .  all sharing the same full moon.  I love simply knowing that.   I say to myself, “You are darn fortunate to be standing on the front porch steps, near the RedBarn, here in western Minnesota. . .staring up and marveling at the full moon on a winter night.”   Many people, so much need. . . .many ways to think and do in my little corner and all over the world.

A few people have been lucky enough to visit the moon and that seems like a cool thing to do.   If the moon belongs to any certain nation, social class, species or persuasion, I haven’t heard.  Don’t tell me if you know something I don’t.  I prefer to think of the moon, full as it is tonight and lighting up the sky, as something that belongs to us all.  

I know, I know. . . .I belong to the species called Romantic.  It’ a known phenomena, the full moon does things to us; both man and beast (the coyotes are howling loud down by the creek tonight).  Looking up at that big old moon makes me think about big old ideas; world peace, feeding  hungry people in the world, putting greater good over one man’s gain.

Shine on, old fellow, and keep a safe distance.

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10 thoughts on “The Full Moon

  1. You amaze me Becky! Spending all day yesterday preparing and hanging a new coffee art exhibit and organizing an opening reception at Java Jule’s and still taking the time to notice the moon’s beauty and influence on man-kind! There is only one Becky Redbarn!!

  2. I always wanted to go to the moon. so says my mom. My mom tells me that when I was a just a little tot that I always asked “When can we go to the moon?” She still brings that up now and then. Beautiful picture Becky! And yes I did share the moon with you last night.

    1. I knew you would! Your “inner child” has got to be a fun little guy, Rob! I’m puttin’ it on my bucket list; coffee chat with your mom. . . to get all the juicy details about you.

  3. Lovely Becky,

    The kids and I went for a walk as that moon rose over the horizon and into the clouds. I’d like to say it was a peaceful walk, but no. It was a brawling, yelling, jumping, fighting, dancing, pushing, talking all at once ‘stroll.’

    When I’m away from this lovely prairie, we will touch base with the moon. Just Monday, Lake said to me “you’ll be home tomorrow night to see the moon here.”

    What a lovely touchstone for humanity and has been for untold generations.

    1. Great to hear from you Kathy! It’s impossible to think about Jens and Lake(and beautiful Alma too)without an image of childhood bliss! I know there’s more than bliss(ahhhh, through experience)when you are the Mama. Can easily imagine the excitement that the kids feel when they see Mom’s car turning up the long country driveway and how much fun they would have conversing about the moon. A prayer for your safety out on the highway;I hear it is a little slippery.

    1. Dear Alison, Staying in the present,it’s great to know you are enjoying the moon. Thinking of the past(we’re allowed that a couple of times each day),each of us growing up as little farm girls, who could have predicted what 2012 would bring? Here we are, chatting from different continents. Ok, two things we all can share; the moon and the internet! Have a wonderful day! It’s Gina and her twin daughters(yup,all)birthday today.

  4. Becky,
    Dan and I have also been watching the moon these past few nights and early morning is lovely too. It is always so hard to imagine/believe that the moon is moving around our planet as we also move around the sun! That may be the “science” of the moon’s motion, but you have captured the beauty, the symbolism, and the sense of hope for all of us! Thank you for sharing your rich ideas and your generous spirit!

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