The New Garden Bench

The first day of a new year ! That’s something to be giddy about, don’t you think?  A whole year lies before us; friends and family will be visiting and joining up for travels,  artistic thoughts and creations, the beauty of all four Minnesota seasons,  trying out new cooking experiments in the kitchen, watching the dance of the flora and fauna in nature.  I have some fun ideas for things to happen in the RedBarn, photos to take, plants to divide, words to write, books to read, places to go, coffee to drink, walks to take, grandchildren to love and big kids to cherish, and that guy I like. . . . .for a whole ‘nother year!  The Meander artists will be starting on new wares to show and sell for next fall-that’s always exciting!   Oh my. . . .so much to look forward to.

As this first day of the year was winding down, I had a request to photograph the new garden bench.  My son, Charlie, made this, as a gift to his sister, Gina, for Christmas.   The lovely bench was crafted(I heard a chain saw running and saw an over heated boy using a spoke shave on Christmas Eve day) from a fallen Ash tree.  She was delighted with the heart-felt, hand-made gift presented to her on Christmas morning!  My children are old enough now to make their own rules, so they did; all gifts given to each other had to be “created”.

It’s break time for the college kids and no one is happier about that than good, old, Hunter, our family dog!  Look at him! Most times the boy is hugging the dog.  Hunter is doing the hugging; as if to say, “Look, you guys, my boy is home and he’s all mine”! Enough to warm a mother’s heart and truly a wonderful way to start the New Year at the RedBarn!

“Cheers” from the Countryside of Life,

Becky RedBarn

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