A Real Winter Day

Conversation in the grocery store, on this lively morning, was all about the much-anticipated snow coming our way.  We  had a little extra energy.  You could feel, and hear, the small town sense of concern and sharing.  Friend Elaine yelled, “Are you on your way home soon? Hope so.”   Hey, Becky, don’t forget laundry soap.  That’s what you stopped for, remember?” added Tara.  ” I heard there might be ice first.  Oh my, that is hard on the power lines.  Remember the storm of ’99?” shared Mary as she continued to restock the disappearing bread loaves.  Old country neighbor, Orvin, reflected on the winter of 1969, ” I walked 4 miles to highway 12 to catch a ride into town for groceries a few times that year. That’s a fact.” ( I missed two solid, delicious weeks of school in January of that ’69 winter and that’s a fact too! )  The sweet man, getting into the car parked next to me, smiled and quipped,” Did you stock up good now?”  I replied, “Oh, I suppose I could weather a storm or 10 on the things in my freezer.”  He loved it-darn, I’m funny.    Most days I can’t stand ‘weather talk’.  With the first storm of Minnesota winter on its way, the wind starting to pick up, it was kind of fun.

Making the first set of tire tracks, on my little country road of pristine white, heading toward the RedBarn. . . . that’s fun too!  As I maneuvered into my winter parking spot(just in case awesome neighbor Vern comes by with his snow-blowin’-tractor-rig)I spied  Charlie tossing a little of the new snow into the air.  He would say he was on his way to the barn to feed the horses.  I would say,”I caught my 20-year-old son playing with a shovel.”   A guy has to make sure his equipment is in order, I suppose.   Chuckle!  We are all kids at heart when the first good snowfall comes. . . . .most often long before the last day of February.

Hope you’re warm and cozy. . . .and a little excited about the new snow!

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