Almost Full Moon, Again?

All the civilizations of the world seem to share a dose of the profound when discussing the sun and moon.  Can’t say it was profound; more like “huh, what’s that thing?”  Watching the sun glow  warmly on the prairie grass and red Sumac berries,of the lake bluff near the RedBarn, was gift enough.  As I settled in, feet planted in some slushy snow among the dried grass, here came the moon….right up into the scene I was admiring!

A glow of the sun to symbolize awareness of the present;the moon vibes often associated with awareness of subconscious thought.  All I can say, both of them shining in the same view commanded my full attention and I was totally aware!  Smiling to myself, I was, right there in the Big Stone County road ditch, and more than happy to share the scene with the flock of geese honking overhead.  In a Sunday-afternoon-countryside sort of way,I will admit, it felt profound.

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4 thoughts on “Almost Full Moon, Again?

  1. I love these two pictures. i love the moon, I love the geese when they are in formation and flying. there is nothing more soothing for what ever dumb reason. i tried to get a shot of the moon tonight. it was big, red, and like you could drive right into it. well this is my thought, i want a camara that sees and takes pictures of what i see.

    1. Thanks,Teresa. I want that camera too. There are some new models that can do most of what you are asking. I think you still have to remember to bring it along and push the button. LOL

  2. Yeah there is that. I just want to say in a time when there is so much ugly and bad news it is refreshing to have a positive perspective as well as appreciation for the simple yet profound things in life. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What a nice thing to say! Encouraging, appreciative and positive-that’s you! You are right; if we need bad or “really?” news there are plenty of places to find it. Then you have to wonder about the actual truth of it. Too much stress. . . .I’m staying with the beauty in the countryside! Thank you!!!

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