Cozy Warm In Minnesota

Oh,oh,oooo,oooo,yup, yup, yup!  Hit the brakes, check the rear view mirror and back up quickly.  Sure, it does take longer to get home when you stop  off to visit with the animals in the fields along your way.  I don’t ice fish, spend  time in the bar, watch much TV, or go shopping very often so. . . . . you understand, it’s my ‘fun’!

Experimenting to get the photo I want is only half of the joy.  It is always a thrill to stand still on a spot of earth, most likely one I’ve never been on, and have a little conversation with the creatures in the field.  I  don’t have any sheep  living at the RedBarn.  Why not?  I married a town-kid and I’m lucky to be breathing country air in the morning.  I can also recall the words my dad used when the neighbors sheep, years ago, were out of their fence and in our fields.   Memorable words, yes sir!  That is my reminder not to push the issue of buying sheep.

I do love their beautiful faces and cozy warm wooly coats.  Can you see all the possibilities in the bag of winter wool they soon will be sharing?  I’m thinking how lovely my old wooden bowl would look, filled with  natural, wound up  balls of home-spun yarn.  Oh, oh, oooo, oooo, gotta hold that thought and  make it happen!!!



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3 thoughts on “Cozy Warm In Minnesota

    1. Julie, you have the best ideas. I mean, about getting the Alpacas. My mom taught me how to knit a scarf but I don’t see any sweaters in my future. Good thing we have the talented fashionistas in the knitting group!

      1. Scarf’s are good too…can’t have too many of them. I would like a nice warm throw made out of Alpaca. I have lots of ideas for you! Let me know when you want to go ‘critter’ shopping, I just love them all(well, most of them). lol

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