Extraordinary Greens!

When the seed catalogs start coming and ‘brown’ is no longer my favorite winter color. . . . . . getting a little antsy to grow something!

This  photo of flowers and herbs, that didn’t seem like much when I snapped it last summer, has me begging for spring.  I’m longing to drag out my stack of terracotta pots and fill them up with herbs and flowers and brighten up this RedBarn place.  Are you with me?

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2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Greens!

  1. We had a “kitchen garden” for the first time last year – with some success growing chives, parsley, peppers, and basil. What else does anyone recommend for trial this spring/summer?

    1. That’s a garden! Rosemary is a slow grower but such a nice addition. A tablespoon of chopped, fresh rosemary sprinkled on oven roasted vegetables is heavenly.

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