Farm Scene

A quiet day in the country.  When frost manages to hang on all day and sun peeks out, for the first time, as afternoon is marching toward the evening hour, that’s a winter farm scene.   Every little old barn has a family history. And what if trees could talk?  Imagine the wildlife they have seen and the hunting stories that could be told.  I’m easy to please, in snapping a country photo and imagining my own story to go with it.    Endless beauty in the countryside, around the RedBarn neighborhood.

Some weekend I am going to pack up  my camera, point my car east and head to the city.  Do you believe it?


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4 thoughts on “Farm Scene

  1. It does epic a quiet day doesn’t it. There is nothing more beautiful than Jack Frost painting everything. It never cease to amaze me how pretty something as simple as frost covering trees and grass and a blue sky can be. I Love the shots. Thanks

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