A yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy.   Sociologically, the making of a friend is an interesting subject to study.  Yet, who needs to study?  It’s a good spot to put your ‘gut’ instincts to use.  Research(if you like research) shows that more times than not your instinct, that feeling in your tummy region, is telling you the truth.  Ever looked a person in the eye and knew, right then and there, that you were going to become friends?  How cool is that?

Today, I stopped in at the local flower shop and it was a gift to simply stand in the store; everything so beautiful and bright and ready for the Valentine customers.  The yellow roses caught my eye.  Now, what is the meaning of that, when we all know I’m head-over-heels about red?   My gut must have wanted to remind my heart just how blessed I am to have  friends.   Might be the year to pop some Valentines in the mail. . . .with a little yellow rose tucked among the glittery hearts.

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4 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. So right about the friendship thing. Most of the time you just know or you know you really would like to have this person in your life as a friend. Nice shot by the way.

  2. I love stopping in the flower shop and looking at all the wonderful things those ladies have come up with. The smell of all the fresh plants and flowers puts a smile on my face, I would take them all home if I could. 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful Rose!

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