From the Heart

Stuck in ‘heart mode’, that’s me!  Just for a few more glorious days!   

  • Reading, ‘Love Revolution’, by Joyce Meyer.  She reminds us to be led by our hearts to continue to help where help is needed.  Not hard to find a place.
  • Giving the grandchildren candy and cards, hanging the homemade pictures and cards they  created for me! Every year we have some good laughs while reading the sayings on the candy hearts. Grandpa handed me one that said, ” I want you.”  One of the little girls helped me out by giving Grandpa one back that read,”Not now.”  Chuckle!
  • Got the glittery hearts cut,  glued and hung on the Red Dogwood branches by the front door!  One for every visitor at the RedBarn to take home as they leave from a family weekend. (Had to sacrifice some cleaning time but it was  worth it to feel a little more like ‘Martha’ for a day)
  • Enjoying the wickedly delicious chocolate covered almonds, that my thoughtful daughter-in-law brought from the candy store in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, as a Valentine gift.
  • Still time to mail a card or two before the special day slips by.


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2 thoughts on “From the Heart

  1. Becky,
    I love your photographs of the red hearts hanging in the bushes. Color is gorgeous! Your weekend with your family sounds perfect too. Your mom must be smiling from heaven and enjoying the family she helped create!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Randy!
    Mo and Dan

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