God Thumps You On The Head

In the moments when you feel your wheels spinning do you ever simply want to reach inside of yourself and turn the key off?  The large flat stretches of farm land and occasional patches of prairie grass, in beautiful western Minnesota, stretch the eye and serve to calm the soul.

I stopped the car along a little road in the countryside today.   Then came the gentle thump to gain my attention and cause me to look up to the radiant light streaming forth.   God never seems to tire of stating the obvious for me, ” I’m still here, in control.  You just settle down, slow down, do what I’ve asked you to do-you know what it is.  It will all work out.”

He’s right; one day(joys and sorrows) at a time. . . .it does.

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2 thoughts on “God Thumps You On The Head

    1. Thanks for always making me feel appreciated. I never think you would need much ‘thumping’ but in reality I suppose we all do. “Beautiful day” to you, Becky!

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