Green Food at the RedBarn

Do you ever do things ‘just because you can’?  One gets an idea and the next thing you know you are just crazy enough to put the cares of the world aside and run with it.  That’s what happened one warm, summer day, August 2010, when sweet and spunky little granddaughter, Livi, was the house guest of the week. We  created the plate of green food!

Among the thoughts and artifacts in Miss Livi’s 5-year-old daily world, the color  green was at the very top of her list.  She made sure we all knew, and respected, that important fact.  Her twin sister, Drew, would choose pink and Miss Livi would insist on green whenever possible. Green clothing, green toys, green candy, green toothbrush, green backpack, green beach ball. . . . .

The challenge we set was to go through the refrigerator and pull out every green food  we could find.  I’m proud to mention that the parsley, peas, kohlrabi and pepper were from the little garden down behind the RedBarn.  And the other items?  Now, that is another story!  Who does stock the ‘fridge and how does all of that food get into the home and onto the table?  Hmmmmm.

It would be a healthier lifestyle if I got a little crazy more often and pulled out the green foods first at every meal.  Note to self!!!  After five years of loving green, Livi  has announced the  leap to blue as her favorite color.   I’ve seen some blue potatoes!   There’s  a new challenge for summer 2012 .  Anyone know of blue foods that can be grown in western Minnesota? (photo of Livia Grace riding bike with her Grandpa, Randy)


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