Guard Donkey

Here’s proof that you can  be cute as a button and still do a tough and dirty job!  Donkeys are often hired to keep an eye on the flock.  Usually calm and gentle, the guard donkey will put his strong  teeth and sharp hooves into action when a predator comes near his sheepish friends.

It was quiet, peaceful and all was well on the day that I stopped to admire the lovely flock.  The donkey gave me a little show by rolling around in the pasture and then came over to the fence, as if he wanted to get to know me and was pleased I had stopped by.  Animals have such personality and like a little company to spice up the day.   I wonder what they say about us.


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    1. Hi Julie!! What would the boys say if we really did go “critter shopping”? I have a friend who bought a pontoon once without consulting her husband but they don’t need a fence. LOL

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