Little Girl, Big Lesson

The telephone rang right before dinner this evening. On the other end of the line was the excited little voice of none other than 6-year-old  Miss ‘Drewsiebellaboo’!  I love when the grandchildren visit at the RedBarn.  A call now and then,between visits, is precious too.

On my good Grandma behavior, I asked Drew how her day was going.  I could sense that something big was coming.  In her happy haste she rattled it all together, “Grandma, Grandma,want to know what the best part of my day was?  It happened in the lunchroom, not my kindergarten teacher but a first grade teacher saw me picking up things and returning them to where they should be after lunch. . . without being asked by my teacher. . .my teacher wasn’t even there. . . . Grandma, Grandma, I got the ‘Integrity Award’.  I’m so happy.  I got to bring it home ’cause my teacher, Mrs. Substad, talked to me about what it means and she says I have integrity!  There’s another word on the award too; it’s p-r-i-d-e, pride! ”

I’m so happy for you, Drew!  It’s a great word;integrity!  Really super that you are learning the meaning in kindergarten.  And pride, there’s another good word to understand!

Who said ,”Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten?”   Creative ways to teach important life values and the gift of dedicated teachers doing just that within our public schools;a great thought to linger on tonight. . .for the sake of children everywhere.  From RedBarn Grandma Becky to the special teachers at Monroe Elementary in North Mankato, Minnesota. . . . .thank you for making an impact over and over again.


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