Little Old Tractor In The Grass

Life happens in large chunks(seasons, months and years)and in small snippets(passing a little old tractor  in a patch of field).  The chunks of life gobble up our precious days while the snippets find an available corner in our heart and leisurely stay. . .sometimes forever.

Snippets of life, in this Minnesota, RedBarn area of Big Stone County, are the same things many country folks around the world learn to hold in their sweet little old country hearts:

  • We wave at every car, on a country road.    The wave lasts longer and you will notice the hand lift just a bit higher when it’s from one good country neighbor to the next.
  • Happiness is-traveling a seldom used back road.  In dry spells we can use the minimum maintenance roads and, oh boy, find a new prospect for country drive gawking.
  • Animal sightings always make the evening dinner conversation.   “Honey, what has dark fur, lumbers like a little bear cub, not that big though, has a pointed nose and a stubby tail?”
  • Hmmmm.  Nice to see a farm friend farmin’ around that great big tree in the middle of his field.
  • Old machines and tractors, parked for good, stir up our childhood memories of the country lives we’ve lived.

There’s a nice old Farmall, tucked among the prairie grass!    Sun shining brightly on his fine red coat; he is begging to join in the spring planting work.  Maybe not, little-old-tractor, but thanks for the very dear snippet of life!





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