Minnesota in February

It’s a beautiful frosty day; what you can see of it.  Fog is hanging heavy and frost is clinging to everything, out here at the RedBarn.  There are days when we move slower than others and today might be that day.  Slow is ok, it’s when we don’t feel like doing anything that we know winter may have gotten the best of us. Watching the calendar roll into February seems to be good medicine for those of us in this proud northern state.  One more click towards spring and, “Hmmmm, almost Valentine’s Day.”

It feels like a good morning to take the advice of a favorite author, Julia Cameron.  Not a quote, but how I remember it,”Set your timer for 15 minutes and go nuts with whatever cleaning and chores you can get done.  After that, jump into the creative project that you really want to do.” I really want to get out my Martha Stewart glitter set and make the glittery red hearts that have been on my mind!  Better get going!



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2 thoughts on “Minnesota in February

  1. I just loved the way the trees looked this morning! I, however, did not snap a picture of any of them. I should think about having my camera ready like you do but am afraid my pics wouldn’t be nearly as good. 🙂 That’s why I just buy your cards! lol

    1. Thanks. Bet it was pretty by the lake. You know,it’s always such a good feeling when someone likes what you do. BTW,the Rothschild Blackberry jam you gave me can not be described in words other than “yum.”
      Tell me when you need more cards so I can trade you some for a jar of that, ok?

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