RedBarn Chickens

Time for the RedBarn chickens to have their Sunday “outing”, windy or not.  They  are happy to wander the yard and peck away at the brown grass or the traces of snow.  Masterly, Fajita Joe struts tall with the hens staying close beside him.  He especially keeps an eye on quizzical,  white feathered, Bryn, his favorite.  No kidding!  She is bossy and sometimes downright mean to the other hens.  Obviously, size does not matter to her; the runt hen of the flock.  With her perpetual bad-hair-day topknot feather tuft, Bryn knows that she is Joe’s #1 lady.

Chickens are crazy fun to watch.


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2 thoughts on “RedBarn Chickens

  1. Becky,
    The picture of the chickens is beautiful! I love the color variations and really love the delicious eggs coming from the delicate shells. Your chickens are not only “free range” but also get to enjoy that lovely new home you had built for them. Lucky chickens!

    1. Thank you Mo! Start thinking of your favorite egg dish recipe for my upcoming contest. Yes, I am serious!

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