Sweet Valentine Morning!

Morning moments, any time really, can bring us to thoughts of the people, places and things that we love!  My ‘quiet son’ told me once, “Mom, I think about you every day.”  Not a significant statement for the world or anyone else.  For me, I think about it every day.

Thinking happens fast.  One can cover the world, faith,family, friends, the past, present and future in no time flat. . . in the thinking world.  On this lovely Valentine morning I’ve covered all that.  Whew!  Time for breakfast.  Keeping with the theme, and my taste buds, I should probably keep it sweet today.

It is said, “We become our mothers.”  I suppose that means in the little things we do and say. I catch myself in things that she did.  My mom was a farm wife.  Didn’t matter how much dirt she had been into outside, she would still make things pretty when she could.  For my Valentine breakfast I decided to toast some whole wheat bread, sneak a little candy from the gifts given to me, and top it off with the world’s best Blackberry jam.  Had to look in three drawers before I found the jam spoon with the crystal end.  You can’t serve jam, not even to yourself, without a beautiful spoon.  Didn’t you know that?

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