Vegetable Beef With Dumplings

Food travels at many different speeds these days.  We’ve all been known to take a turn in the drive through lane,  wanting our bagged up food to fly through the car window as fast as it can.  Chilly winter days seem to call for just the opposite; s-l-o-w  f-o-o-d.

A pot of good homemade soup is not to be rushed.  I  give it the whole day long, out here in RedBarn country, including a few breaks when I have to leave the house.  Ingredients get added as the day goes on.  The last step to take place is mixing up and dropping in the dumplings.    When it comes to dumplings(we are talking about extreme comfort  food,folks) I tend to get a little serious.   You can tell me you don’t drink milk and I will try to understand.   You can explain that you don’t eat raisins and pick them from your cookie or even push your tomato off the salad and get by with it.  If you take a bowl of soup and WASTE a dumpling, by choosing to leave it in your bowl…..oh my, that would not be very good!

Dumplings are a family tradition in this house; nice, big, hard, doughy wads of soup-soaked bliss.  Every person in the home that I grew up in and every child I have raised  ‘lights up’ when  they discover that the pot on the stove is topped with dumplings!

How do you decide the number of dumplings to serve in each bowl?  Simply watch the little faces as you dish up the soup and you will surely know.

  • 1 dumpling in the bowl=  painful squished up look
  • 2 dumpling in the bowl= straight-faced silence
  • 3 dumpling in the bowl= eyes begin to twinkle
  • 4 dumpling in the bowl=lips curve into a smile

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