What is “COUNTRY” these days?

The only thing we can know  for sure? That most of us are at least “a little bit country.”  How you define your sense of country can be as individual as you are!  One of my little joys in life is to subscribe to “Country Living” magazine.  If you are a real country girl,  like me, you have to keep an open mind and do some broad thinking. Not the hurt-your-head kind of  world issue, politics and values broad.  I’ll do that privately, down behind the RedBarn, so you don’t have to listen to me carry on.

Honestly, I am content to leave the definition of country wide-open!  It covers the topics of: food, decorating, animals, real estate,gardening, books,arts, history, places-and-people-of-interest in all 50 states.  Growing things has always felt like country to me. With spring just around the corner, I was eager to read about the trend in metropolitan agriculture.  Sure, I know how much real food can be produced in a 2×12 raised garden bed.  My loving  mom used to send me out to the country farm garden, in Artichoke  township, to pick in some tomatoes or peas for lunch.  When you are a little kid you think everyone lives like that.  Of course, they don’t.

Ok, I might have chuckled a little when I read about a new book called,”Breaking Through Concrete,” by authors Edwin Marty and David Hanson.  They spent two months, along with a full-time photographer(lucky guy), driving across our country(it’s really wide)to collect information on folks that are growing fresh vegetables on top of skyscrapers.  Just goes to show, if you’ve been wanting to write a book, there are still a few topics to cover in this big old country-style world we live in.    In September,2005, Washington,DC(friendliest city ever,IMO) I  found myself descending the long stairway into the underground and reading the large sign that was there for country girls like me; who had never been on the subway.  The attendant saw me, came over to help and…. didn’t chuckle.  Every now and then we all need a shoes-on-the-other-foot lesson in life.  All chuckles aside, I am really happy to read about the folks in Seattle, Chicago and New York City who have become empowered to do a little country growing and farmin’ of their own.  If they want to call it ‘urban style’ that’s fine with me.  A hot red pepper is just as hot and a sweet potato is just as sweet regardless of their address.

Ya know, there aren’t so very many things that we can all agree on anymore; me here in rural Minnesota at the RedBarn and you,wherever you are today.   Growing fresh food, feeding hungry children, ordering clean and nutritious food in your favorite restaurant.  All good, right?   You can buy the book; I bet it’s a good one.  If not, just grab a hoe and dig up a patch of that green lawn…..make a raised bed on top of your sidewalk if you have to, for heaven’s sake, or scope out the roof of your apartment building.  It’s a really fantastic country trend that’s going on.  Grow a little of your own food and join the country style revolution-peacefully, please.

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