Winter Bliss on Big Stone Lake

It is a beautiful winter in Minnesota, that’s true for all of us.  The  bliss of ice fishing on Big Stone Lake(headwaters of the Minnesota River) belongs only to the hearty few.    Years back, after one too many statements of polite refusal, when asked to  join in the ice fishing fun, I came out with the  truth, “I don’t want to slip and fall, my feet get cold, my heart hurts when the ice cracks, I might have to go potty and the inside of your fish house STINKS!”  My hubby has stopped pestering me to go with him.

I’ll be here when you get home, dear; porch light on and frying pan ready to go.  Set the hook and catch a couple of real nice walleye for dinner, will you?

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2 thoughts on “Winter Bliss on Big Stone Lake

  1. Ice cleats, polypropylene socks layered with wool, Vodka,…beer makes you go potty, eventually the Vodka will let you ignore the ice…not sure on how to cure the stinky fish house.

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