Work Day at the RedBarn

Today is a serious card-making day!  “Not so serious”, you say?  Hope the customers that are waiting for me to complete their orders don’t hear us say that.

There is always that moment of excitement when artists, writers, photographers or creatives of any sort are told, “I’d like to buy your work.”  It’s not so much about the money(well sure, we need to buy groceries )as it is about the very act of purchasing. Buying our products speaks  so loudly to validate creative endeavors!  Artists strive to meet the needs and wants of their customers and when a purchase is made the pleasure of meeting that goal is something to be pleased about. 

Thanks to everyone who encourages the “creatives” in the Big Stone Lake Area of Minnesota and South Dakota!  Take your choice:   painters, fiber artists, sculptors, glass work. . . . . jewelry, photography, wood carving, doll makers, quilters, writers,poets. . . .the list goes on!

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2 thoughts on “Work Day at the RedBarn

  1. Many many years ago, on our first real family vacation in Seattle, we purchased a gorgeous pottery bowl from local artist Matthew Patton ( ). We’ve kept up the tradition on every trip since – from South Carolina to London, and San Diego to Costa Rica – always supporting local ceramic artists when we choose our “souvenir.” These pieces bring me incredible joy as I see them every day in my home. It has also been fun to meet many artists at Twin Cities art fairs as we’ve selected art for our home. Since starting to follow BeckyRedBarn, I’m really looking forward to a road trip to the next art meander!

    1. Wow, Dawn! Thanks for the great sharing! You have a lovely daughter, by the way!!! I’m excited that you plan to come to the Meander. Hopefully, our artist friend, Mark Mustful, will have his pottery here. You have had some wonderful travel experiences. Can’t wait to meet you this fall!

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