Becky Finds Hudson, Wisconsin

You just never know what a day will bring!  My husband and I had planned a two-day “wander” in the beautiful Minnesota city of Stillwater.  As coincidence would have it, our friend and accomplished artist, Douglas Holtquist, was chosen to show a piece of his work in an exhibition at “The Phipps”, Hudson, WI. . . . . .while we were there!  It’s a pretty drive across the famous old lift bridge and a few dairy barns down the road to get to Hudson.

Western Minnesota is fast gaining a reputation for quality artists expanding  the Minnesota ‘arts scene’.  I don’t leave the Big Stone County area all that often.  It was fun to see a little more of this beautiful state of ours and. . . . .I wanted to let you know  how much I enjoyed seeing your work among the Society of Minnesota Sculptors, Doug!   Congratulations!


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