Big Kids

Small things in life, among our family, friends and surroundings,  keep us smiling the whole week through.  My “baby,” Charlie, and his girlfriend, Eliza(her mom’s baby), came for a visit. Such lovely spring weather coaxed them off the Concordia-Moorhead campus and into the Big Stone County countryside.   We grilled out, played cards, discussed  the future and compared notes on the goofy traits that the rest of our family members have. ( Of course, we talk about you when you’re not here.  It’s fun!)

Are you caught up on your homework?  Have you been adding oil to keep the old car going?  Did you bring your load of laundry down? Do you need something to drink?  Have you been getting enough sleep? You still don’t have a fitted sheet that fits your mattress??  Do you realize you only have a few weeks of school left?  Grades?  Major?  Life?  Summer job?  You drove to Minneapolis by yourself?

How do they possibly manage on their own?  It was too soon time for the classic smile-at-mom-by-the-car good-bye photo.  Just as I moved my eye to the view-finder and was starting to snap the picture, the kids starting pointing and excitedly telling me to look up and take a picture of the Eagle floating low over our home.  I didn’t end up with a quality shot of the Eagle but the snap of these two “big kids”, thrilled to see it so close, warmed my heart.    Joy . . . . .in the countryside of life.



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