Creating JOY

March in Minnesota.  I keep hearing and seeing reports of friends feeling ‘a little down’.  What’s going on?  Did Spring arrive too early and you didn’t get your ‘winter blues’ finished up yet?  Of course, we are a diverse group(when it comes to moodiness) us western Minnesota folks, and therefore we all have our own reasons for the long faces we may wear at times.

As I peer through the dusty blinds in my office and look at the various shades of gray. . . .gray skies simply don’t help people cheer up.  It’s time to think of someone happy and make something!   My mind could go in a thousand directions, in seeking happy people I know and have stored memories of.  Thinking of children works best, for me.  I need to get busy on an order for my handmade cards and I should add a little twist to my personal thought game.  Got it!  I’ll browse through my picture files and find the first photo that reminds me of a really happy child.  No grandchildren allowed.  That’s too easy.

One lovely autumn day, during the Meander Art event held at the RedBarn, a quiet little boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old, stopped by my table and stared at a  specific card.  He waited patiently for his Grandpa to take in the shelves full of Mark’s world-class pottery, then marvel at Carol’s intricate whimsical cottage carvings, as his steps continued toward our spot on the gallery floor.  Grandpa intuitively leaned down and the little boy whispered, “Look Grandpa.  I think she made a card for ME.  It says,’Happy Birthday, Cowboy!’ You always call me that.”   Grandpa gave the little boy some dollar bills and he purchased the card.  Few words were shared among us.  Sometimes that is best. . . . .smiles seem to do the job.


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